The Story of SpinTopSigns

The Story of SpinTopSigns

Founders Zack and Erica Greenberg have long been interested in the real estate industry. Erica obtained her AZ Real Estate License in 2017, and received her first personalized “For Sale” signboard shortly thereafter.  At that time, she and her husband Zack, an engineer by trade, pondered over the fact that real estate signage had remained exactly the same for countless decades.  Thus began their quest to reinvent the real estate sign. 

Their patented design concept took years to formulate and perfect. All aspects in form and function were considered in the design, focusing on quality, durability, and effectiveness. Their primary objective was ensuring that buyers, sellers, agents and brokers all benefited from the new way to present homes for sale.  “Initially, we thought about it from the most basic level by asking one another, what is the purpose of a real estate sign?” says co-Founder, Zack. “When our answers were to draw attention to a “For Sale” property, highlight the listing agent, and help prospective buyers in their home search, we found a better way to accomplish each of those things.”  Adds Erica, “when prospective home buyers interact with our signs and smile as they spot a home feature they love, I feel pride in knowing that we’ve also helped to make the, often tiresome, home hunting process just a bit more fun!"

When testing their product in the field, Zack and Erica discovered yet another purpose for the real estate sign, enabling them to benefit even more parties through their singularly unique design. Hoping to reach the same target audience of prospective buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, were the many complimentary businesses within the real estate industry. Title and mortgage companies, credit repair and moving services, even home renovation and landscaping businesses were in need of more targeted marketing avenues. The SpinTopSign proved to be the perfect medium. Eager to share this newfound capacity with their customers, Zack and Erica quickly enabled SpinTopSign wielding agents to get a more immediate ROI on their purchase. Many agents now use their SpinTopSigns to successfully generate revenue, through the leasing of individual sign panels to suitable businesses. This new avenue allows agents to recoup the cost of the sign and then enjoy an additional stream of revenue, a benefit which no other real estate sign can boast.  

Zack and Erica strive to introduce agents around the country and beyond to a new and better way to advertise their listings and services. In late 2022, they added a second product to the SpinTopSigns catalogue. Square in shape, this version was designed to be more versatile in nature. A supplied bracket and straps allow it to attach to the horizontal arm of a real estate agent’s signpost. A separately sold accessory is the tabletop stand, which allows the sign to be placed on any flat surface and used in a number of different settings, such as at Open Houses or events.

The greatest reward is when realtors report how utilizing SpinTopSigns has helped them to increase brand recognition in their target areas, as well as generate new leads, through this unique and highly targeted marketing method. Erica remarks, “every time I hear a thrilled customer say that they got a new listing because of the SpinTopSign, I’m flooded with a sense of gratification and fulfillment, and know that the years of effort have been absolutely worth it.”

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